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"Reel To Reel Radio Recordings" makes use of a personal archive of tape recordings collected over a short period in the late 1950s and early 1960s and featuring many of the greats of jazz. These CDs feature traditional or Dixieland jazz performances from St Louis and from England.

These CDs are homemade productions; making use of an original radio recording. The CD labels, cover designs and notes are all home produced.  £4.99 single cd and £9.99 double cd. Freepost to UK. Contact me by email.

Dixieland Jazz Live from the Boulevard Room at the Sheraton-Jefferson Hotel in St Louis


The Jefferson Hotel opened on May 1, 1904, for wealthy visitors to the St. Louis World’s Fair.

The hotel was bought by the Sheraton chain in 1955 and renamed The Sheraton-Jefferson.

This is the period of the live jazz performances from the ‘Boulevard Room’.

They were broadcast on the radio and recorded on reel to reel tape.

Volume One

Dukes of Dixieland

Muskrat Ramble (5.28)

Bourbon Street Parade (2.30)

New Orleans (5.28)

Down In Honky Tonk Town (2.55)

The Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me (3.47)

The Tailgate Ramble (3.25)

Doc Evans and his Dixieland Band

The Froggymoor Rag (5.05)

1919 March (3.00)

The Chimes Blues (feat. Knocky Parker on piano) (3.51)

Chicago Breakdown (3.34)

The Eccentric Rag (feat. Dick Pendleton on clarinet) (4.16)

St Louis Blues (4.49)

Freddy Masters Sextet

A Jazz Band Ball (4.03)

Clarinet Marmalade (4.36)

Sister Kate (4.23)

Bill Bailey (4.18)

When The Saints Go Marching In (4.33)

The Dark Town Strutters’ Ball (3.09)

Total running time - 73m23s


Volume Two

Doc Evans and his Dixieland Band

Mabel’s Dream (3.20)

Potato Head Blues (2.34)

The Froggymoor Rag (4.53)

The Organ Grinder Blues (4.17)

The Weary Blues (4.11)

Mandy (5.57)

Joe Schirmer and his 12th Street Seven

The Tailgate Ramble (4.51)

The Wabash Blues (4.14)

Sweet Georgia Brown (4.23)

Gotta (4.17)

Alabama Jubilee (1.38)

Blues In B Flat (4.35)

Roy Liberto and his Famous Door Five

Muskrat Ramble (3.39)

Clarinet Marmalade (3.55)

Just A Closer Walk With Me (4.20)

Royal Garden Rag (3.53)

When The Saints Go Marching In (4.42)

Back Home Again In Indiana (4.34)

Total running time - 74m23s

NBC’s ‘International Bandstand’ in cooperation with the BBC presents …. Johnny Dankworth


Originally Broadcast by NBC Radio for the American Armed Services in 1959.


Each track is introduced by the BBC announcer.


Track One - Intro (feat. Jack Costello) - 0m 59s

Track Two - In a Persian Market - 3m 30s

Track Three - Jive At Five - 3m 52s

Track Four - Jam Jam (feat. The Dickie Hawdon Quintet) - 2m 19s

Track Five - Indiana - 2m 21s

Track Six - Eric or, Little by Little - 3m 25s

Track Seven - Stomping at the Savoy - 4m 13s

Track Eight - Crazy Rhythm - 2m 50s

Track Nine - Feather Merchant - 3m 47s

Track Ten – Dictation (feat. The Dickie Hawdon Seven) - 3m

Track Eleven - Donkey Serenade - 2m 29s

Track Twelve - I Can’t Get Started - 3m 36s

Track Thirteen - Export Blues - 3m 33s

Track Fourteen - Outro (fades away with programme’s theme tune) - 0m 27s

Total running time - 40m33s

This is a homemade production; making use of an original radio recording. The CD label, cover design and notes are also home produced. As far as I know, for the Johnny Dankworth fan, this is gives you a one-off item. (These tracks are not included on the three BBC sessions from around September 1959, released by Vocalion.)

£4.99 single cd. Freepost to UK. Contact me by email.

£9.99 double cd. Freepost to UK. Contact me by email.

Live Jazz from the 'London House' in Chicago's famous loop.
From the 1950s through the early 1970s, the London Guarantee and Accident Company Building also housed Chicago’s famous jazz supper club ‘The London House’ in its ground floor. London House hosted some of the most famous acts of the day.
cd art for lo ho live.jpg

Earl Hines Live at the London House in Chicago

Track One - Thou Swell - 4m 10s

Track Two - Memphis Blues - 5m 00s

Track Three – Rosetta – 4m 13s

Track Four - Can't We Talk It Over – 4m 04s

Track Five - Mack The Knife – 4m 16s

Track Six - Tin Roof Blues – 3m 57s

Track Seven - Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me – 3m 50s

Track Eight – Louise – 4m 06s

Track Nine - It All Depends On You – 5m 20s

Track Ten - Stars Fell On Alabama - 4m 43s

Track Eleven - Little Girl – 2m 29s

Track Twelve - Someone To Watch Over Me – 3m43s

Track Thirteen - Get Happy (1m 30s)

Total Running Time – 51m 30s

£4.99 single cd. Freepost to UK. Contact me by email.

cd art for lo ho live bc.jpg
cd art for lo ho live kw.jpg

Kai Winding Septet Live at the London House in Chicago

Introduction - Pot Pourri

Track One - Indiana - 6m 53s

Track Two - Misty - 4m 39s

Track Three - The Preacher - 4m 35s

Track Four - Dear Old Stockholm - 6m 17s

Track Five - The Way You Look Tonight - 2m 42s

Track Six - Our Delight - 4m 23s

Track Seven - Lower Bonesville - 4m 05s

Track Eight - Sidewalks of Manhattan - 1m 53s

Track Nine - Whistle While Your Work - 5m 51s

Total Running Time - 43m 06s

£4.99 single cd. Freepost to UK. Contact me by email.

cd art for lo ho live dd.jpg
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